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Northern winter heating, one that we all know, but really implemented, but a lot of problems for China's northern cities, the heating needs of the "hot" is not only a kind of energy, and it both product attributes and the social welfare properties. How these two properties in accordance with the market and the combination of conditions, the government and enterprises has been headache.

Recently, Harth latest developed the "air can be wall-hung boilers," Low Temperature Heat Pump Unit, new heat Pump Household-type heating technology will be successfully resolved northern winter home heating air source heat pump can not use a major problem. In this paper, heating in north China and other major concerns discussed briefly.

Q: Northern District of families, what are the major heating problems?

According to statistics, the North District major way of heating methods are mainly concentrated heating, individual heating modes. Although the focus of which the most popular heating methods, but the long-standing problems are many, mainly in the following aspects: 1, initial construction costs are high, governments and developers great investment; 2, centralized heating and maintenance costs and running higher administrative costs, resulting in the user's shared use of high cost has also increased; 3, the existence of regional heating central heating is not easy to heat, there are some users evasion, because of technical and management is difficult to avoid loopholes, making property and Users have a headache; 4, focus on end-user point of water points to a longer pipeline, greater heat loss in winter heat, neither economic nor Energy ; 5, maintenance problems, the main pipeline system problems may result in the heating zone are not correctly use a major impact; 6, concentrated mostly in the combustion heating to a large number of exhaust emissions and waste, pollution of the living environment, endanger health.

Q: Area families with household-type heating What are the advantages?

As previously mentioned, because there is so much focus heating problems to be solved, household heating methods will become more open government and the commercial real estate concern. At present the advantages of household-type heating mainly in the following aspects: 1, developers do not build a huge central heating system, household heating with the flexibility to install and greatly reduce development costs and operational risk capital; 2 As the heating system costs down, making real estate overall decline in the construction cost will ultimately bring the user's lower prices; 3, individual heating charge does not exist difficult issues, every household independent heating, since the payment of the cost of self-resolved social conflicts; 4, the user can adjust heating temperature according to their needs and comfort, convenience and reasonable; 5, short pipe, heat loss at zero, the economic energy saving; 6, easy maintenance, independent maintenance of household, a problem does not affect other home heating.

Q: Why Harth sub-Unit "air can be wall-hung boilers," low-temperature heat pump is the most appropriate use of the North district heating method?

Harth sub-Unit "air can be wall-hung boilers," low-temperature heat pump can not only have a common way of splitting all the advantages of heating, but also with other household heating methods can not match the energy saving advantages: 1, using the most air source heat pump technology advanced heating, get the same calorie cost far less than other household heating methods; 2, with floor heating radiation cooling and heating comfort is good, the warm water running, efficient plant operation, heating costs to decline further; 3, energy-saving heating heat pump technology can enjoy the state preferential policies for low power, energy storage design, night work, day use, can be described as "Festival do everything"; 4, mature sound design, use of safe and secure, there is no security risk; 4, completely "energy saving" green products, is required for all ordinary thermal energy conversion power, zero burning, zero emissions, protecting the environment and our families.

Q: The air-source heat pump technology can be normal in the northern winter heating it? Harth, "the air to wall-hung boilers," low-temperature heat pump is how to achieve high efficiency under low ambient temperature heating of?

We all know that when ordinary air source heat pump for use in cold winter areas, the heating capacity of the inevitable decay problems will occur. One reason is the low temperature in winter outdoor heat exchanger unit room outside cream frosting and the other on the heating capacity of the attenuation. Another main reason is due to heating in the winter in northern China when the ambient temperature is low, will lead to common air source heat pump evaporation temperature is low, the proportion of small suction, system capacity is small, superheat can not guarantee that other, makes the system heating capacity is low, the system operation is not reliable, or even lead to compressor failure liquid hammering, making ordinary cold air source heat pump can not meet the demand for winter heating.

For this situation, Harth developed a new generation of low-temperature air-source heat pump units, has been able to successfully achieve the outdoor temperature is -15 and above, the rated attenuation than normal heat pump heating capacity is reduced by 25% or more. Moreover, the minimum operating temperature as low as -20 . Unit in the outdoor temperature 0 to run the heating coefficient of 2.8. Harth was done through improving the refrigeration cycle, the original high-pressure spray liquid cooling to the gas-liquid mixed flow pressure injection. Makes the condenser refrigerant flow increases, the enthalpy difference between the main circulation loop to increase, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the compressor. This will resolve the other big compression ratio of compressor discharge temperature is too high automatic protection, but also greatly improved refrigeration cycle, and to ensure that the low quality they clock cycle, thereby largely reduce the heating capacity of the attenuation to expand the unit in the low temperature range of applications, ensuring Harth "air to wall-hung boilers," Low Temperature Heat Pump in low ambient temperature can still efficient heating. In addition, the unit uses a separate indoor and outdoor design, key components in the interior, there is no heat loss, similar to conventional wall-hung boilers indoor form, compact, space, advanced LCD user interface, simple operation, ie without going can be easily controlled. By optimizing the design of circulating water pump can be combined within the host, as far as possible in reducing the noise reduction system to reduce operating costs drag and further improve overall system energy efficiency and energy efficiency. Sophisticated system design and reasonable extension of unit set much of the equipment life, improve the business value, allowing users to use more confidence.

Harth "air can be wall-hung boilers," low-temperature heat pump heating costs compared Economy:
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