Does The Biomat Really Work?

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If youve ever heard of the BioMat, youre probably wondering if it really works. The answer to this question actually lies in your own experiences. Have you ever been sitting at your computer, feeling sluggish, tired, and depressed? Have you found that a simple walk in the sun helps your mood immensely? Even a quick hop in the shower can be relaxing and uplifting. These are the sorts of things that the BioMat emulates. It uses infrared radiation, negative ions, and amethysts all in conjunction in order to bring the revitalizing science of nature into your home. But how exactly does it do that? And how do you know that it really works?

First, the BioMat uses infrared heat. This is the same heat that comes from the sun or from other living creatures. In fact, far infrared radiation (FIR) is the specific heat that warms us the most. Unlike near infrared radiation, which only heats our skin, FIR waves penetrate deep into our bodies to heat our cells and blood vessels, helping blood to flow and carry oxygen more efficiently. This has the same effect as natural sunlight, which mostly emits visible light and infrared radiation. So, the BioMat is similar to a heating pad, only with more effective heating waves.

A FIR heating pad would be an effective tool on its own, but BioMat doesnt stop there. It also creates negative ions, which naturally occur by the ocean, under waterfallseven in your own shower. The movement of wind and water are two natural ways in which negative ions are produced. These negative ions can have two different effects on us. First, they are naturally attracted to positively charged molecules. This causes them to attach to dust and other pollutants in the air, which then fall to the ground or cling to the walls. This provides cleaner air, allowing for easier breathing. Many tests have also been conducted concerning negative ions and depression. Theyve shown that negative ions typically lift spirits, while an absence of them does just the opposite. Just think about that sluggish feeling you get when youve been shut up in your house all day. Homes and office buildings typically have incredibly low negative ion counts, while mountains and oceans have the highest.

Finally, the Biomat uses amethysts to amplify the effects of FIR and negative ions. Amethysts have been proven to serve as a conductor for infrared light and ion producers. Like a magnifying glass, the amethyst layer on top of the BioMat increases all of its benefits, creating an atmosphere of energy and healing that mimics that of nature.

Ultimately, the BioMat does what the sun and the earth do: it creates heat and energy, directs it into your body via a natural superconductor, and allows your body to work at its fullest potential, moving oxygen and other nutrients through your blood to the places that need it the most. So, if youve ever felt refreshed by a summers day walk or a cool, refreshing waterfall, then BioMat will work for you!
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Does The Biomat Really Work?

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This article was published on 2010/10/28