Electrical Supplies - Fitting Electrical Products For Energy Efficiency, 5 Tips

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There are a variety of electrical supplies on the market that are energy saving. However there are items to consider which are not always labelled as energy efficient but can make a difference.

Here are our top five considerations to maximise electricity savings when fitting new electrical products and supplies.

1. Fit new central heating controls with timers

Heating controls comprised of an electronic timer, programmable thermostat, separate thermostat for hot water, and thermostatic radiator control valves (TRVs) are the best. Seven day timers can provide the most efficiency as programmed schedules.

They can be set according to whether it's a weekday or a weekend, and varying patterns can be used on a daily basis. It is a fallacy that boilers run more efficiently when they are permanently on, you will save energy by programming the heating to come on only when you need it. Some timers include a thermostat, which should be installed in the living room, rather than by the boiler or in halls where the temperature may not be constant.

By reducing the level of your thermostat you can save up to 10% on heating, and if you install a programmable one, simply plan the times the heating should be turned on and off.

2. Replace your bulbs with CFLs

Cut light energy in homes by up to 75% by using fluorescent tubes and CFLs, they can last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs. The cost may be higher to begin with but over time they will more than pay for themselves in terms of energy-savings and lifetime. There is no compromise on brightness or colour rendering either.

3. Use dimmer switches

There are four types of dimmer switch: dial, slide, touch pad, and combination light switch/dimmer slide and they can all increase bulb life. E.g. dimming the light by just 10% increases your bulb life by more than 50%. As well as creating moods, they can save lots of energy by cycling the light on and off at a rate of 120 times a second. The light output is brighter the longer the light is on, and lower the longer it is off.

4. Install sensor lights

Outdoor lighting for security or aesthetics can be expensive, especially if permanently switched on. There are three steps you can take: use security lights featuring a motion sensor so that it only comes on at night or if someone moves near them, make sure you turn off decorative garden lights, and use CFLs where possible.

5. Opt for under floor heating

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) are a great form of energy saving electric heating. They draw on heat stored in the ground. This heat then passes through a heat exchanger in order to raise the water temperature to a high enough level -- usually around 40°C to provide a home with central heating. The suns acts as the heat source, therefore a GSHP system only uses energy for the pumps and compressors to run the system, which is usually only a quarter of the amount released as heat into the building.

By carefully selecting the electrical supplies installed in homes could mean the electrical products you choose are not only the most environmental but also the most economical choice.

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Electrical Supplies - Fitting Electrical Products For Energy Efficiency, 5 Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/02