Pex Tubing And Its Advantages In Heating Applications

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Pex tubing is used for radiant floor and underfloor heating these days as great alternatives for traditional modes of room heating. Pex (short for cross linked polyethylene) tubes are popular because of their durability, high compatibility and flexibility. And the best thing about this tube is that it is cost effective compared to other tubing materials. Apart from floor heating, these tubes are also used in refrigeration warehouses, ice rinks, and electrical insulation etc.

Pex tubing is also advantageous for heating from under the floors as it is resistant to corrosion and rust. And you can use it to pass water as it does not react to even the highest chlorine level. They are much better than plastic as they do not develop pinholes. Even for installation purpose they score far above other metals, for their easy mechanism. The reason for this is the absence of too many fittings and connections.

And if you thought that because of the use of polyethylene as raw material in PEX Tubing may result in less reliable heating solutions then you are wrong. This is because these tubes go through various heating and pressure tolerance testes to offer the best in underfloor heating. In fact, throughout countries across the world it has been found that PEX tubing pipes are used for heating as they provide ideal comfort zone with warmth that does not allow the temperature to rise above the required level. Under electric floor heating using Pex tubes involve passing warm water through the tubes from a water heater or a water boiler and then passing them onto the floor. You can choose temperatures between 80 - 160 degrees and enjoy the warmth of your floors. Electric floor heating too is a popular option these days.

So, use Pex tubing if you wish to have warm floors in all the areas on your house even in your kitchen and bathroom floors.
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Pex Tubing And Its Advantages In Heating Applications

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This article was published on 2010/09/25