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Solar radiant heating can be used to heat the water in your home using the power of solar energy. The heating systems consist of a collector which does not store energy but instead uses fluid circulation to transfer heat to storage or towards direct use and a storage system which includes a heat exchanger. The system may include a secondary source which distributes heat to various storage reservoirs.

These systems can be used in a variety of applications, such as hot water heaters, heating radiators or other heating appliances, heating dryers, heating swimming pools, or providing energy for cooling systems. This heat can be stored for either a day or two worth of energy requirements or for seasonal storage.

Solar radiant heating can be used in low geographical latitudes for 60 to 70% of domestic hot water use. The most common types of radiant heating kits are evacuated tube collectors, glazed flat plate collectors, and unglazed plastic containers.

Solar radiant heating kits are an ideal choice because of their ease of use. Once you decide to work with a solar kit you need to determine the amount of solar equipment needed based on how much energy you would like to offset for the size of your home. Most heating kits are designed to work with a home that is less than 10-20 years old in a cold climate, where heating is at its premium.

There are many benefits to using a radiant heating kit. Solar heat produces no pollution and it does not create any greenhouse gases. In addition to this, solar energy is safe, pure, and clean. For those with allergies it is ideal. The energy obtained from a solar investment is also tax free. Not only are you investing in the environment, but you are also making a significant financial investment. Solar heating is very stable as far as pricing goes. Once you have made the initial investment, you are protected from other surprises in inflation concerning typical utilities.

Solar radiant heating kits are popular because of their efficient energy. Most solar radiant kit manufacturers agree that the most beneficial use of radiant energy is under-floor radiant heat. Radiant heating kits use a source of storage to provide radiant heat. There are many uses where you can combine solar energy with radiant heating directly. Massive storage, where large thermal storage places are developed by slab on grade construction and strategic placement, is considered to be an award winning design. Phase change materials work for buildings where it is not possible for slab on grade. Domestic hot water plus radiant heat and supplemental uses of snow melting, gardening, and pools are also applicable to solar radiant heating kits.

The most significant benefit of solar radiant heating kits is that these systems are capable of meeting nearly every type of residential building heating needs. Solar radiant heating can work for just about everyone, and for the environment.

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Solar Radiant Heating

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This article was published on 2010/09/20