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Underfloor heating systems are installed under the floor and are largely used in the cooler parts of Europe. Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular and some opinions suggest that underfloor heating is a gentler heat than radiators and effective at the same time. This type of heating creates uniformed heat which means that heat is distributed evenly and there are no particular hot or cold areas.

Underfloor heating systems are now low maintenance and experience few problems and can be adapted to almost any type of floor. Underfloor heating systems installed into new builds are done so without the presence of radiators which allows for more room. Underfloor systems are almost silent and cannot be heard when switched on and off which also adds to its popularity. This particular heating system will also not dry out the area like conventional radiators and furniture will not suffer from heat. 

If you are serious about installing underfloor heating systems it is probably better to have it installed correctly. Underfloor heating works better with well insulated floors and because it takes longer than conventional heating to warm up, well insulated floors will help enormously to maintain the temperature once the heating is switched off.

Underfloor heating like radiators still uses water as a medium but unlike radiators, the heat is passed through pipes installed into the floor.  Installing underfloor heating systems does not have to be complicated whether you are installing wet, hot water systems or dry, electrical systems. Both systems can be adapted to more or less any type of floor system, there will be variations in the work and level of expertise involved depending on the scale of the job and the type of system you install and it is always better to seek advice from experts before undertaking any job.

Dry or electric underfloor heating systems are carried out by laying heating cables under the floor; this type of installation system is better suited to new build or renovation projects and is suitable for more or less any type of floor.

Wet  underfloor heating systems use warm water which is pumped at low pressure through pipe work.  Wet underfloor heating systems are relatively easy to install and are suitable for new build and refurbishment projects.  The water supplied to the underfloor heating system usually comes from a boiler and the flow is supplied by thermostats.

These types of heating systems are now becoming more popular because of the gentle heat they supply and the economical way they work.

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Underfloor heating systems

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This article was published on 2010/12/18