Use Pex Tubing for Maximum Heating Output with Minimum Cost

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is one of the most cost effective options for underfloor heating. They are popular amongst all users as they are not only cost effective but can also be installed with ease. Over the years, PEX tubing also has excellent track record as carrier of water. This is exactly why they are so popular for domestic plumbing and potable water application.

This is also the reason why PEX tubes are used extensively in radiant floor heating systems. They are reliable, and also much less cheaper than other pipes made of copper or lead. Other advantages of using PEX tubing for heating are their characteristics like corrosion resistance, and freeze resistance. They are also environment friendly because unlike other pipes that require acidic flux and lead solder to make the connections, PEX tubes does not require any toxic chemicals. There is also minimal heat loss with this tubing, which conserves energy. And the best thing is that they are available in different specifications as per individual requirements of diverse industry sectors.

The fact that PEX tubes enable for flexibility while installation, further offers many advantages like few breakage and also saves time, energy and money. In fact, PEX tubing is the best option when it comes to transporting water in hydronic radiant heating systems. In this kind of heating system the Pex tubing system carry hot water from the heat source to the baseboard or radiators. Installing PEX tubes help in preventing corrosion that may occur when pipes with ferrous components are used. PEX tubes work great in both cold and, hot water conditions. In fact they can withstand extreme temperature and does not get affected at all. However, one word of advice is that always use oxygen-barrier PEX tubes for radiant floor heating systems as only this can prevent corrosion when exposed to oxygen.

So, make PEX tubes your first choice if you are planning to get efficient heating systems both in your home or, office. They are better than electric floor heating if you are planning the installation of heating systems in the entire building. This is indeed the first preference for constructers and builders for building cost effective radiant floor heating and underfloor heating units in construction sites. With a strong combination of superior performance and cost effectiveness, PEX tubing has indeed evolved as a perfect solution for all kinds of heating applications.

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Use Pex Tubing for Maximum Heating Output with Minimum Cost

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Use Pex Tubing for Maximum Heating Output with Minimum Cost

This article was published on 2010/10/13