Use Pex Tubing For The Best Hydronic Heating Systems

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Pex tubing is very popular both for plumbing as well as heating purposes. In this article, we would discuss about the various types of PEX tubes that are used in heating functions in homes and for commercial purposes. All the service providers offering heating options using PEX tubes use Oxygen Barrier PEX like ThermaPEX, Wirsbo PEX, Mr. PEX-al-PEX, and Multicor PEX-al-PEX Tubing.

Of these the ThermaPEX Barrier PEX Tubes for radiant heat is the strongest and most flexible oxygen barrier PEX tubing available today. It is competitively priced and is available with all leading PEX tube manufacturers.

There are many advantages of using PEX Tubing for your heating systems. They are tough, offer great flexibility and are durable solutions to all your heating requirements. Moreover, they are corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free, and have the capacity to withstand temperatures ranging from below freezing to above the boiling point. Most of the advanced Pex tubing today come with an EVOH oxygen barrier that provides protection against corrosion for the various ferrous components of a heating system.

However, there is one disadvantage of using these for your underfloor heating at home. Though it provides soothing warmth, yet it creates an irritating noise that is quite disturbing. This happens due to the warming up of the system as the tubing expands and then finally rub against the floor and cause a ticking or creaking sound. However, nowadays manufacturers have come up with advanced varieties that come with extra low-friction layer to reduce expansion noise.

Whatever variety of Pex tubing you go for, it is always essential that you get only the one that has replacement factory warranty for your benefit. This should also include labor and material cost to replace the system, if required. However, PEX tubes are not ideal for electric radiant floor heating; they only work great if you are using water as your source of heat.
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Use Pex Tubing For The Best Hydronic Heating Systems

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This article was published on 2010/10/08